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Gold medalist and rank holders for the academic year 20-21

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AQAR Documents 2023 (as per 14 july 23 )
1st Criteria

1.1.1-Minutes of the meeting of the college curriculum committee

1.4.1 and 1.4.2-stakeholder feedback report

3rd Criteria

3.2.1-Details of the facilities and innovations made

3.4.3-Awards received for extension and outreach activities

3.4.3-List of awards for extension activities in the year

3.4.4-Institutuional Social Responsibility

2nd Criteria

2.2.3 -extramural activitiesbeyond the classroom activities

2.3.3-Details of ICT-enabled tools used for teaching and learning

2.3.3-List of teachers using ICT-enabled tools

2.3.5-The teaching learning process of the institution nurtures creativity analytical skills and innovation among students

2.5.1-Dates of conduct of internal assessment examinations

2.5.3-Information on examination reforms

2.6.1-Methods of the assessment of learning outcomes and graduate attributes

2.6.1-Relevant documents pertaining to learning outcomes and graduate attributes

2.6.1-Upload Course Outcomes for all courses (exemplars from Glossary)

2.6.4-Proceedings of parent –teachers meetings & action taken

4th Criteria

4.1.1-Geo tagged photographs ICT

4.1.1-List of available teaching-learning facilities

4.1.2-Geotagged Photograph Sports and Cultural Facilities

4.1.2-List of AvialableSpoerts and cultural facilities

4.1.3-Availability and adequacy of general campus facilities and overall ambience

4.2.1-list of facilities available for patient care teaching-learning and research

4.2.1-Teaching Hospital equipment clinical teaching-learning and laboratory facilities

4.3.1-Geo tagged photographs of library facilities

4.3.2-Data on acquisition of books journals Manuscripts ancient books etc in the library

4.3.2-Geotagged photographs of library ambiance

4.3.5-Details ofLibrary usuage by teachers and students

4.4.2-Documents related to updation of IT and Wi-Fi facilities

4.5.2-Minutes of the meetings of the Maintenance Committee

4.5.2-Log book or other records regarding maintenance works

5th Criteria

5.1.5-Circularweb-link committee report justifying the objective of the metric

5.3.2-Reports on the student council activities

5.4.1-Details of Alumni Association activities

5.4.1-Quantum of financial contribution

5.4.1-Registration of Alumni association

5.4.1-Alumini Bank statement

6th Criteria

6.1.1-Achievements which lead to institutional excellence.pdf

6.1.1-Vision and Mission documents approved by the College bodies

6.1.2-organogram of the college management structure and its functioning system

6.2.1-Minutes of the College Council other relevant bodies for deployment deliverables of the strategic plan

6.2.1-Organizational Structure

6.2.1-Strategic Plan document

6.3.1-List of brneficiaries of welfare measures

6.3.1-Policy document on Welfare measures

6.3.5-Performance Appraisal System

6.4.1-Optimal Resorces Utiliztion

6.4.1-Resource mobilization policy document duly approved by College Councilother administrative bodies.pdf

6.4.2-Documents pertaining to internal and external audits for the last year ,

7th Criteria

7.1.2-Annual gender sensitization action plan

7.1.2-Specific facilities provided for women

7.1.3-Geotagged Photos Conservation of Energy

7.1.4-management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste

7.1.4-Relevant documents like agreementsMoUs with Government and other approved agencies

7.1.5-maintenance reports of Water conservation facilities available in the Institution

7.1.6-Green campus initiatives

7.1.9-Web link of the code of conduct

7.2.1-Best practices page in the Institutional website

7.3.1-Appropriate web page in the institutional website

8th Criteria for Health science

8.1.4-Orientation Programme report

8.1.8-Geotagged photographs of the objective methods used like OSCEOSPE


8.1.8-Report on the list and steps taken by the College.pdf

8.1.10-Dental graduate attributes as described in the website of the College..pdf

8.1.12- Any Relavent Information.pdf