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Conservative and Endodontics

Department Description


OPERATIVE DENTISTRY: Operative dentistry also known as Conservative dentistry and Endodontics. Conservative dentistry treats disease affecting Enamel and Dentin whereas Endodontics deals with the disease of Pulp and Peridontium.
Conservative dentistry imparts knowledge regarding diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of defects of the teeth which do not require full coverage restorations for correction and such corrections and restorations result in the restoration of proper tooth form, function and esthetics while maintaining the physiologic integrity of teeth in harmonious relationship with the adjacent hard and soft tissues.
Endodontics imparts knowledge regarding the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. . Under conservative dentistry treatments such as

  • Silver amalgam restorations,
  • Composite restorations,
  • Cast gold restorations,
  • Bleaching of discolored teeth,
  • Smile designing,
  • Esthetic corrections such as Midline diastema closure,Tooth jewelry(skies)


Rotary Root canal treatments with latest state of art equipment such as Electronic apex locator, Torque control Endo motor, Direct and indirect pulp cappings, Post & core, peri radicular surgeries such as Apicoectomy, Root resection, Bi-cuspidization, Hemisection, Retrograde root end fillings ,Retreatment, broken instrument retrieval in root canals, Bleaching of Non vital tooth along with this we have state of art sophisticated microsurgical equipments like surgical microscopes and loupes.


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